Data Science Meets Social Science 2016



This SOIC & SSRC symposium brought together data scientists and social scientists from across campus to explore the possibilities for combining the insights and approaches of both fields. Please note that some videos are only visible with IU CAS login.


Playlist Items

  1. Yong-Yeol Ahn, "Revealing Networks in Society and Culture" 31:42
  2. David Wild, "Integrative Data Science for Precision Drug Interventions and Smart Communities" 25:51
  3. David Crandall, "Studying people through digital devices and social media" 30:20
  4. Inna Kouper, "HathiTrust Research Center: Opportunities for Large-Scale Text Analysis in the Social Sciences" 21:38
  5. Fabio Rojas, "Twitter's Glass Ceiling" 27:25
  6. [Inaccessible Item] jq085m32z 28:23
  7. Anup Prasad and Hao Peng, "Python Tutorial" 01:54:36