[Liberia, Bong County, Kpelle, 1970] / collected by Ruth and Verlon Stone.

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This collection consists of music, oral data, and interviews among the Kpelle of Liberia and includes popular zither, lamellphone, musical bow, lute, slit-drum and xylophone music; Kpelle script interviews; children's songs, work-songs, drum signals, tales, cante-fables and music associated with rites and ceremonies. Descriptive information presented here may come from original collection documentation. Please note collections of historical content may contain material that could be offensive to some patrons.
Stone, Ruth M.; Stone, Verlon Lloyd.; Indiana University, Bloomington. Archives of Traditional Music.
Cante-fables; Folk music; Mbira music; Kpelle (African people); Music; Drum music (Membranophones); Counting-out rhymes; Popular music; Work songs; Zither music; Folk songs, Kpelle; Children's songs; Musical bow music; Lute music; Rites and ceremonies; Drum language; Storytelling; Xylophone music; Folklore; Kpelle language; Orthography and spelling
Time period
Archives of Traditional Music Field and Broadcast Collections
Archives of Traditional Music
Kpelle; English
Physical Description
47 sound tape reels : analog, 7 1/2 ips, track, mono. ; 7 in.
Collection described in Ruth Stone's M.A. thesis: Music of the Kpelle People of Liberia (Hunter college).
Part of the collection has been commercially issued as "Music of the Kpelle People of Liberia" (Folkways FE 4385).
Music, tales and interviews.
Accompanied by a "Summary of Collection", tape index, texts in Mande with English translations, musical transcriptions, and a copy of Ruth Stone's article "Meni-Pelee:  A Musical-Dramatic Folktale of the Kpelle", Liberian Studies Journal 4 (1971-72):31-46.
Deposited at the Archives of Traditional Music by the Stones in 1970 under option 3.

Local Note

EC 5310--5333; OT 13012--13034


Various named singers, instrumentalists, informants, storytellers and interviewees.

Statement of Responsibility

collected by Ruth and Verlon Stone.

Venue/Event Date

Recorded by the Stones in Bong County, Liberia in July and August 1970.
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Catalog Key: 2065222; OCLC: ocm19869546; Catalog Key: BFJ0727BT; Collection Identifier: 73-052-F ATL 5903 --5907

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