Nationalism, colonialism and free world military strategy

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America’s task is to stop imperialism. Communism is based on imperialism. What can we do? If we ally ourselves against Soviet imperialism we run into difficulty because of Nationalism and Colonialism. For instance, Portugal is our ally but a Portuguese colony in India wants to be our independent ally. Where is our loyalty? When faced with a choice such as this, our loyalty must remain with the countries which will protect the most people from aggression. And these problems are intensified because of atomic power. If we share it, will it alienate us from other powers? There is always the danger that if we give to nationalist nations, we cannot be sure that it will be used for peace. The basic problem lies in the fact that Soviet imperialism is ambiguous. What policy can we accept?

NOTE: Since this program was completed, France has joined the “atomic club.”
John G. Stoessinger; Metropolitan Educational Television Association, New York City; Dr. Robert Strausz-Hupe; Yanna Kroyt Brandt; Robert Warner; Lynwood King; Herman Kitchen; Barbara Diesenhof; Arthur Wagner Associates; Beth Leibowitz; Helene Thomas; Jack Reynolds
National Educational Television; The Foreign Policy Research Institute, University of Pennsylvania
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