04_Remembering Vietnam: An Experiment in Civic Engagement

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2019-01-14 (Creation date: 2018-07-23)
Main contributors
Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities; David S. Ferriero
Ferriero will discuss the planning process for a major exhibit on the Vietnam War within the context of the mission of the National Archives.  Particular focus will be on how the principles of Open Government—transparency, collaboration, and participation—impacted that process.  Building on the success of the National Archives Citizen Archivist Project, Ferriero will share how the lessons learned have influenced his agency’s approach to exhibit and education planning, with an emphasis on the exhibit commemorating the Vietnam War. 

Remembering Vietnam is a media-rich exploration the Vietnam War, featuring interviews with Americans and Vietnamese veterans and civilians with firsthand experience of the war’s events as well as historic analysis.  It is a fascinating collection of newly discovered and iconic original documents, images, film footage, and artifacts that illuminate 12 critical episodes in the war that divided the peoples of both the United States and Vietnam, covering the period 1946 to 1975. 

The exhibit encourages visitors to answer these questions:  Why did the United States become involved in Vietnam?  Why was the war so long?  Why was it so controversial?  The sacrifices made by veterans and their families, the magnitude of death and destruction, and the war’s lasting effects require no less.  Remembering Vietnam is a resource for refreshing our collective memory.  National Archives records trace the policies and decisions made by the architects of the conflict.  Its collection of evidence provides an opportunity for new insight and greater understanding of one of the most consequential wars in American history.
Vietnam War / American War Stories: A Symposium on Conflict and Civic Engagement
Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities
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