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Blocks with letters on them come on screen. They spell out ‘Mighty Satisfying’ from above, but on the right they say ‘Rocket Oldsmobile’. Each of the sides open up like a door to show a tiny car inside. Each of the cars comes out with a driver. All of this is accompanied by musical cues. A woman in a majorette costume appears with a baton in one hand, she blows a whistle. She starts walking and doing a routine with her baton as she walks across a line of Oldsmobiles that are pulling up next to her. An announcer introduces the Oldsmobile. She twirls the baton and points, we then see the cars in the lineup start to drive forward. She continues to march as the cards advance from behind her, they split off into two groups making room for her to continue dancing in the middle. We see the cars continuing to drive in formation. She marches between them more and then they start to crisscross each other before driving in a circle around her. We see the cars back in their square letter boxes and the doors close to each as the ad ends. 
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