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Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (S. 3148, S. 821)
Main contributor
Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency
March 26 1973
Karl A. Menninger, Menninger Foundation; Villages, Inc. 
Allard K. Lowenstein, National Chairman, Americans for Democratic Action 
Justine W. Polier, Former Judge, New York State Family Court 

Side 1 - 30:19
00:00 Bayh statement and introduction of Karl A. Menninger
08:11 Menninger 

Side 2 - 30:35
00:00 Menninger, cont. 

Side 3 - 30:36
00:00 Menninger, cont.

Side 4 - 30:39
00:00 Menninger, cont. 
15:41 Allard K. Lowenstein 

Side 5 - 30:41
00:00 Lowenstein, cont.
23:26 Justine W. Polier 

Side 6 - 29:52
00:00 Polier, cont. 

Side 7 - 30:21 
00:00 Polier (to 15:13)

March 27 1973
Tyler Abell, National Board Member, Big Brothers of America 
Donald Lee Mooney, Former Little Brother, Houston, Texas 
Lewis P. Reade, Executive Vice President, Big Brothers of America 
Sidney Shockett, Vice President, Big Brothers, National Capital Area 
Leroy Upshur, Executive Director 
Marian W. Edelman, Director, Harvard Law and Education Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Frank N. Jones, Executive Director, National Legal Aid and Defender Association 
Patrick Murphy, Director, Juvenile Court Legal Services, Chicago Legal Aid Society 

Side 1 - 30:21 (cont. from March 26)
16:10 Bayh introduction of Tyler Abell, Lewis P. Reade, Leroy Upshur, Donald Lee Mooney, and Sidney Shockett
17:00 Abell, Reade, Upshur, Mooney, Shockett

Side 2 - 30:17 
00:00 Abell, Reade, Upshur, Mooney, Shockett, cont.

Side 3 - 32:17
00:00 Abell, Reade, Upshur, Mooney, Shockett, cont. 
07:56 Marian Wright Edelman 

Side 4 - 32:15
00:00 Edelman, cont.
07:00-10:45 blank
10:46 Frank N. Jones and Patrick Murphy 

Side 5 - 30:57
00:00 Jones and Murphy, cont.

Side 6 - 31:00
00:00 Jones and Murphy, cont. to 05:36 
06:05-11:22 radio WAVA Arlington 
11:22 Press conference on DC Congressional representation with Senator Ted Kennedy, more music and radio to end

June 26 1973

Jerry Wurf, International President, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO 
Jerry J. Miller, Mayor, South Bend, Indiana 
Patrick Gallagher Director, Public Safety 
William F. Aull, President, YMCA, Honolulu, Hawaii; accompanied by Richard Pryor, Director, YMCA's National Juvenile Justice Project; and Robert R. Dye, Executive, Urban Action and Programs Division, National Council of YMCAs 
Gloria D. Scott, Chairman, Executive Committee, National Board of Directors, Girl Scouts of the USA 
Cecily C. Selby, National Executive Director 
Side 1 - 46:28
01:34 Bayh introduction of Jerry Wurf
04:26 Wurf 

Side 2 - 46:31
00:00 Wurf, cont. (to 08:30) 
09:56 Press conference with Judiciary Committee Chair Eastland re hearings on Clarence Kelly as permanent FBI director
20:44 Radio to 21:13
21:19 Bayh introduction of Jerry J. Miller and Patrick Gallagher
22:41 Miller and Gallagher 

Side 3 - 40:53
00:00 Miller and Gallagher, cont.
13:35 William F. Aull, Robert R. Dye, Richard Pryor

June 27 1973

Richard W. Velde, Associate Administrator, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) 
Stanley B. Thomas, Jr., Acting Assistant Secretary for Human Development, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; accompanied by Robert Foster, Deputy Commissioner, Office of Youth Development 

02:44 Bayh statement and introduction of Richard W. Velde and Thomas Madden
05:59 Velde and Madden

Side 2 - 46:25
00:00 Velde and Madden, cont. 
34:09 Stanley B. Thomas and Robert Foster 

Side 3 - 43:56
00:00 Thomas and Foster, cont.

Birch Bayh Senatorial Papers
Indiana University Libraries Modern Political Papers

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