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Indiana School of the Sky: Art: Puppetry: Part 3 / Mural Painting: Part 1
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Indiana University. Department of Radio and Television.
The Indiana School of the Sky radio program of the Indiana University Department of Radio and Television began broadcasting educational radio programs in 1947 and continued through the early 1960s. The program reached schools throughout Indiana and nearby states and led to new course offerings at IU. Indiana University students performed in the radio programs originally intended for children ages 4-8 aired for 15 minutes during each school day. Eventually the popularity of the programs called for high school programming as well, and later adults also tuned into the programs. This collection contains recordings of these programs.
Indiana University. Department of Radio and Television.
Indiana University. Department of Radio and Television.; Indiana University, Bloomington.; Educational radio programs.
Indiana School of the Sky
University Archives
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1 16" lacquer disc
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Recorded February 11, 1948 - Rebroadcast February 18, 1948 (190) ; Recorded December 19, 1947 - Rebroadcast ?

Indiana School of the Sky records, Collection C643, Indiana University Archives, Bloomington.

Bibliographical/Historical Note

The Indiana School of the Sky radio program was created by the Indiana University Department of Radio and Television. Between 1947 and the early 1960s, Indiana University's School of the Sky, in cooperation with regional radio stations and the Indiana Department of Education, broadcasted educational programs to thousands of classrooms in Indiana and nearby states during each school day. Each program aired on a different day of the school week for fifteen minutes and were performed by Indiana University students and eventually reached listeners across the country. The success of the program and its growth lead to new course offerings in radio and television at IU and an advanced radio broadcasting station at the university.

Other Identifiers
Catalog Key: 16491964; Other: GR00148460; Other: isos295; MDPI Barcode: 40000000184228; Collection Identifier: C643
[Lacquer Disc 1/1 Part 1 (40000000184228)] Ingest (pres): Played inside-out. There is a significant section of empty grooves on the inside band, with a repeating pop noise that comes from the grease pencil markings on the grooves. You can hear someone say, "1, 2, 3, 4" at 02:14. Actual program begins at 03:46. There was a dropout in the original recording at 06:54.; [Lacquer Disc 1/1 Part 1 (40000000184228)] Ingest (presInt): mono summed. File begins before "1, 2, 3, 4" on the lead-in groove section. Actual program begins at 01:34. Brief dropout in original recording at 04:42.; [Lacquer Disc 1/1 Part 2 (40000000184228)] Ingest (pres): Played inside-out. Program ends abruptly at 14:31.; [Lacquer Disc 1/1 Part 2 (40000000184228)] Ingest (presInt): mono summed.