Habits and Customs of Nations

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National Educational Television
Students from Switzerland, Thailand, Pakistan, and India discuss the habits and customs of their countries. The individual flavor of each of their cultures is shown in their often strongly divergent points of view. While the discussion begins with a brief description by each of the students of his religion, in a rather relaxed manner, the topics which are aired later in the program produce a lively give-and-take discussion. The student from Pakistan describes Islam as a faith which stresses the belief in one God and the equality of all men, while the student from India speaks of Hinduism as emphasizing transmigration -- the attainment of oneness with reality -- with God as a means to that end. Thailand's representative characterizes Buddhism as being closely related to Hinduism, particularly in the belief in transmigration, but she goes on to point out the qualities of passivity and contentedness which Buddhism encourages. The most significant aspect of Christianity is seen as its sense of "nearness to God" by the student from Switzerland. Some discussion of the desirability or feasibility of a single world religion seems to show that each was loathe to sacrifice his own way of life, despite the fact that they all felt they had much in common. The role of religion in education is also discussed. United States foreign policies come in for some scrutiny, particularly the question of military versus economic aid. While the discussion does not always seem to stick to the topic too closely, this is most welcome, since, as the participants become more involved, they become less inhibited. This shows very clearly how much each has been influenced by his country's culture, and this presents a lively picture of that culture in action. 
New York Herald Tribune; WOR-TV; Helen Hiett Waller; Mattanee Mojdara, Thailand; Rasul Nizum, Pakistan; Philippe De Vargas, Switzerland; Vangala Jaya Ram, India; Victor Cavaness
National Educational Television
Educational; Talk; Youth
International relations; Cross-cultural studies; Religion; Customs and practices
New York, NY
National Educational Television
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