Inside/Out: But They Might Laugh

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Becky and Laura are whispering in class about their ice-skating lessons later that afternoon, but the conversation is interrupted when Becky is called to the board to spell a word. When she makes several false starts, the other children laugh at her mistakes, and she gives up in frustration. Although Laura offers encouragement, Becky grumbles that she can't do anything when anyone laughs at her. At the skating rink Becky struggles to keep her balance, but takes one tumble after another. When her classmates again laugh at her, she quits and goes off to the side, where her teacher, Mrs. Johnson, urges her to keep trying. The children ask their teacher to join them on the ice, but she begs off, promising to skate with them the next day. On her way to school the next morning, Becky, knowing that she will have to try to skate again that afternoon, bandages her knee to feign an injury and limps into class late. Mrs. Johnson announces that she won't be able to go skating after all, because she has to attend an important meeting. After school she tries to leave without being seen by any of the children, but encounters Becky, who now has no trouble running. Mrs. Johnson confesses that she had lied to the children about having to go to a meeting and admits that she didn't want to go skating because she was afraid of falling down and making a fool of herself. When Becky discovers that her teacher is also afraid of being laughed at, she and Mrs. Johnson decide to go together to the skating rink. Moving uncertainly, the teacher edges along the ice while Becky watches anxiously from the side. Mrs. Johnson loses her balance and takes a tumble, but her students encourage her to try again. Becky nervously twists the laces of her skates, unable to decide what she should do now.
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