Inside/Out: Donna

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The world of Donna Pugh is different, but not strange. Because she is blind, Donna bas to learn to be herself as well as she can in spite of being unable to do some things that sighted children take for granted. Although she must often struggle to get things done, Donna has accepted her disability and come to live with it so that she can cope with the world on her own terms. This documentary examines various aspects of Donna's life-her work in school, friendships, singing in a choir, gardening, cooking, bicycle-riding, household chores. Whether it's playing on swings or playing word games, whatever she sets out to do reveals her willingness to risk herself in some way. As she reaches out to grasp more experiences, Donna is able to enlarge her world, because she knows that she has to expect more of herself. Donna's parents, her principal, and her special education teacher talk about the dimensions of her world and relate her process of adjustment to the Jives of other blind and sighted children. By working out her own means of coping with her life, Donna is learning to accept herself and to achieve a sense of dignity and self-worth - much in the same way that other children must learn to do.
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