[Liberia, Sinoe County; Kru, Americo-Liberians, 1975-1976] / collected by Jo Mary Sullivan.

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Main contributor
Sullivan, Jo Mary, 1946-
Indiana University, Bloomington. Archives of Traditional Music.
Americo-Liberians; Kru (African people); Church music; Oral history; Funeral music; Children's songs; Mbira music
Liberia; Sinoe County
Archives of Traditional Music
Archives of Traditional Music
Kru (Other); English
Terms of Use
Archival use and reproduction for non-profit educational and research purposes; Archives of Traditional Music.
Physical Description
58 sound cassettes : analog, 1 7/8 ips, 2 track  + documentation.
Music and oral histories.
Various English-speaking and Kru-speaking informants.
Accompanied by tape index sheets.

Language Note

In Kru and English.

Local Note

cass 476--533

Statement of Responsibility

collected by Jo Mary Sullivan.


Karb history -- Thumb piano music -- Pioneer Memorial Service at United Methodist Church -- Pioneer Day program -- Elizabeth Mitchell interview about Sinoe County -- Church music: Liberian Christian Assembly ; Kru Baptist ; United Methodist -- Greenville funeral band -- Tartwe history -- Christ Holy Pentacostal Church -- Settra Kru history -- [Snau?] history -- Worteh history -- Mattroe chiefdom history -- Yannu County history -- Butaw history -- Blue Barre history -- Greenville history -- Palm Sunday Methodist service -- Kabor history -- Gbeta history -- King William's Town history, women's welcome song and children's songs -- Nana Kru history -- Autobiographies of King William's Town residents -- Good Friday and Easter service at Pentacostal Church -- Nifu history -- Wlokli history -- Settra Kru history -- Tarsue history -- Kulu political organization, customs and history -- Sasstown history.

Venue/Event Date

Recorded by Jo Mary Sullivan in Liberia from June 28, 1975 to July 9, 1976; in the Sinoe County towns of Greenville, Tubmanville, Mattroe Mission, Butaw, King William's Town, Nana Kru, Lexington, Baffu Bay, Wlokli and Settra Kru.
Other Identifier
Catalog Key: 1395196

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