Volkswagen "Search"| Renault Dauphine "Last Word"

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Volkswagen; Renault Dauphine
Volkswagen "Search" - Someone is walking up stairs very heavy footed with dramatic music accompanying the ascent. The announcer talks about how if you are looking for a car that can hold nine people and is great value then you are looking for a Volkswagen. We see these questions and 'Searching?' on a wall in italics as a spotlight highlights them before we see Volkswagen written capitalized in non-italics. The exterior and interior of a Volkswagen truck are featured, and the key for a Volkswagen which has the logo of the company on it is also featured. 

Renault Dauphine "Last Word" - A woman's voice says several key terms to describe the Renault in French and the male announcer translates them into English and goes into further descriptions. The announcer talks about how the car is good for parking, French, and has room for people and packages in the front of the car. We see a brunette woman with a child driving the car. Given price at $1645 at port of entry in New York and we are told it has 40 miles on a gallon. Renault Dauphine in writing is displayed over a map of the USA. 
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