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Inside/Out: Can I Help?
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Agency for Instructional Television
Lisa's class is on a field trip to a Civil War fort. As the children inspect the fort and the park that surrounds it, forest ranger Bob Kempf describes the strategy of a battle once fought there and remarks, "Many men died needlessly because there was no one to help them." This moves Lisa, who says earnestly to her friend Julie, "If I had been there, I would have helped them." A classmate of theirs, Jamie, overhears her and scoffs, "There's a lot of difference between really helping and pretending." The children are given a forty-five minute break, and Jamie rushes off to hunt for artifacts. He scrambles along the edge of a steep cliff to reach for an old watch, but stretches too far and falls over the side, dropping to a ledge and injuring his leg. He calls desperately for help, and Lisa, who is the only person close enough to hear him, first tries to get to him by herself, but then realizing that she herself might fall, runs off to search for someone to help her, although Jamie pleads with her to stay with him. Unable to spot her teacher or the ranger, she runs to a group of houses. She finds no one at the first house; and at the second an angry woman who suspects a prank tells her to go away. Finally, she sees a man at work in his yard and frantically begs him to come with her. They arrive just as Jamie is being brought up from the ledge on a litter. While Lisa has been out looking for help, her friend Julie has alerted the forest ranger that she and Jamie have strayed off from the rest of the class, and it is he who has discovered Jamie and worked out a rescue. As Jamie is carried up past Lisa, he asks her, "Why did you run away? Why didn't you help me?" She answers plaintively, "But I did help you ... I did everything I could to help you." 
Agency for Instructional Technology
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Other: GR00248265; Other: DM-0379; MDPI Barcode: 40000001623414