The ordeal of the American woman

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Can a career woman make a good mother? Max Lerner and six Brandeis students discuss the double dilemma of the American woman. In school she is caught between doing well scholastically and finding a man. Later it is the problem of a career versus homemaking. But there is a resistance to careers for women in this country. Today as opposed to the thirties, the woman is accused of marrying for security rather than for love. Before marriage the standard is to hold everything and to give nothing. After marriage the situation is reversed. The ideal solution appears to be have the fling and career before marriage. But the woman of today is still groping for the media between the two. Each must find the way most suitable for herself – the dilemma will then be solved. 
WGBH-TV; The Lowell Institute Cooperative Broadcasting Council; Max Lerner; Lewis Barlow; Timothy Elliott; Donna Medoff; Fred Milstein; Martin Peretz; Esther Kartiganer
National Educational Television; Indiana University Audio-Visual Center
Educational; Talk; Women
Women ; Marriage.
National Educational Television
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