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Saturday Night Special Handguns, S. 2507
Main contributor
Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency
September 13, 1971 

Edmund G. Brown, Chairman, National Commission on Reform of Federal Criminal Laws, and Former Governor of California 
Lloyd N. Cutler, Former Executive Director, National Commission on Causes and Prevention of Violence 
William L. Cahalan, Secretary, National District Attorneys Association, and Prosecuting Attorney of Wayne County, Detroit, Michigan 
James V. Bennett, President, National Council for a Responsible Firearms Policy, and Counsel to the Section on Criminal Laws, American Bar Association 
John W. Hechinger, Former Chairman, City Council, District of Columbia 
Statement of Jerry V. Wilson, Chief of Police, Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, DC; as read by Geoffrey M. Alprin, General Counsel-Designate, Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, DC

Side 1 - 9:58
00:00 Bayh statement 

Side 2 - 46:32 
00:00 Press conference to 17:35 
17:35 Bayh-Hruska exchange about inavailability of witness statements and Hruska statement 
43:44 Edmund G. Brown

Side 3 - 46:22
00:00 Brown, cont., then with questions from Roman Hruska
40:10 Bayh introduction of Lloyd N. Cutler 
41:25 Cutler, with questions from Roman Hruska 

Side 4 - 47:10
00:00 Cutler, cont. (with Hruska) 
33:00 William L. Cahalan 

Side 5 - 47:08
00:00 Cahalan, cont. 
07:10 James V. Bennett 
16:42 John W,. Hechinger 
25:40 Geoffrey M. Alprin (testifying for Jerry V. Wilson) 

September 14, 1971 

Eugene T. Rossides, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Enforcement and Operations; accompanied by Shanley Keeter, Attorney, Office of the General Counsel, Department of the Treasury; and William L. Dickey, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Enforcement and Operations, Department of the Treasury
John V. Lindsay, Mayor, New York City, and Patrick V. Murphy, Commissioner of Police, New York City; accompanied by Albert Seedman , Chief of Detectives, New York City Police Department; Charles V. Rorke, Ballistics Section, New York City Policy Department; and Santo Parolla and Joseph Gibney, Detectives, New York City Police Department 
Lillian K. Potter, private citizen, Providence, Rhode Island 
Jack Stonebraker, Jr., National Legislative Committee Chairman, Grand Lodge Fraternal Order of Police, Muncie, Indiana; accompanied by Richard Lis, Police Officer, Intelligence Division, Chicago Police Department

Side 1 - 47:07
00:00 Eugene T. Rossides (with questions from Roman Hruska) 

Side 2 - 47:05
00:00 Rossides (with Hruska questions), cont.
20:58 John V. Lindsay
37:53 Patrick V. Murphy, with questions from Roman Hruska

Side 3 - 47:37
00:00 Murphy (with Hruska questions), cont. 

Side 4 - 47:17
00:00 Murphy (with Hruska questions), cont. 
17:00 Lillian K. Potter 
38:12 Jack Stonebraker, Jr.

Oct 5 1971: 

Abner J. Mikva, U. S. House of Representatives (Illinois District 2) 
Donald E. Santarelli, Associate Deputy Attorney General, Justice Department 
John F. Nichols, Commissioner of Police, Detroit, Michigan 
Ralph Joyce, Commanding Officer, Homicide Bureau, Cleveland, Ohio 
Maxwell E. Rich, Executive Vice President, National Rifle Association 
Harold A. Serr, Retired Director, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Division, Internal Revenue Service 

Side 1 - 06:36
00:00 Bayh introductory statement 

Side 2 - 46:47
00:00 Bayh statement, cont.
02:05 Abner J. Mikva (with questions from Roman Hruska)

Side 3 - 46:47
00:00 Mikva (with Hruska Qs), cont. 
07:00 Donald E. Santarelli (with questions from Bayh and Hruska) 

Side 4 - 47:08
00:00 Santarelli (with questions from Bayh and Hruska), cont.
30:20 John F. Nichols 

Side 5 - 47:01
00:00 Nichols, cont. 
07:40 Ralph Joyce
23:23 Maxwell E. Rich

Side 6 - 29:24
00:00 Rich, cont. (with Bayh questions)
05:43 Harold A. Serr

Oct 27 1971: 

Joseph P. Busch, District Attorney, Los Angeles County, California 
Clarence M. Kelley, Chief of Police, Kansas City Police Department, Kansas City, Missouri; accompanied by Mansford Meyer, Counsel for the Kansas City Police Department, Kansas City, Missouri 
Harold Bergan, Congressional Staff Member, District of Columbia 
James F. Van Valkenburg, Chairman, Legislative Committee, Delaware County Field and Stream Association, Norwood, Pennsylvania 

Side 1 - 47:02
00:00 Bayh statement and introduction of Joseph P. Busch
06:18 Busch 
35:17 Clarence M. Kelley 

Side 2 - 43:02
00:00 Harold Bergan 
21:40 James F. Van Valkenburg 

Nov 1 1971:

Quinn Tamm, Executive Director, International Association of Chiefs of Police 

Side 1 - 36:59
00:00 Tamm

Birch Bayh Senatorial Papers
Indiana University Libraries Modern Political Papers

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