Forming a Community: Heartbreak and Triumph in Making Black Chicago

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Stokes, Brandon
This project will examine the interviews conducted in my research on housing and the making of Black Chicago. Through oral interviews with former residents of different neighborhoods in Chicago, oral histories allow researchers to gain an understanding on how blackness seen through the eyes of everyday black people.These interviews and oral histories are a crucial component to understanding the culture of Black Chicago and assist a wider audience greatly in a compelling and original research on housing for African Americans in Chicago and contribute to the greater conversation regarding intersections of race, class, and policy. In this presentation, I will illustrate how oral histories give voice to everyday people and key pieces into gaining insight on Black people and the joys of everyday blackness. This project contributes to wider conversations surrounding Black Chicago and the future of Black people in the city and how the local history contributes to the present realities. The current crisis in many urban areas across the United States and looks at how issues such as community and housing have been addressed for the African American middle class and the urban poor. Through this conversation, I add how the oral histories of residents can contribute to current the policy discussions had within the urban Black communities concerning the intersection of race and class.
IDAH Spring Symposium
Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities
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Presented at the IDAH Spring Symposium, Maxwell Hall, Indiana University Bloomington, April 22, 2022.

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