HathiTrust Research Center: Opportunities for Large-Scale Text Analysis in the Social Sciences

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2016-11-03 (Creation date: 2016-11-03)
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Kouper, Inna
Textual analytics creates opportunities to ask new questions or test existing theories through a new lens. The HathiTrust (HT) collection can be considered one of the largest academic libraries in the US. How can a researcher unlock many insights of this digital library? What kinds of social science questions it can help to address? The HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) has been developing computational tools to leverage the HathiTrust collection and its metadata. In this presentation we will provide an overview of the HathiTrust digital library and the suite of tools from the HTRC and invite participants to think creatively about how a corpus of ~14 billion volumes of text can be useful to them.  

Indiana University Social Science Research Commons
Data Science Meets Social Science (SSRC-SICE)
Social Science Research Commons
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Inna Kouper is the Assistant Director of the Data to Insight Center.

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