The United States As Others See It

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National Educational Television
The reactions of the countries of the free world to American foreign policy along with the reactions of the panelists to the American people are discussed on this program. Taking part are students from Great Britain, the Philippines, Israel, and the United States. The student from the Philippines raises many interesting points regarding the Asian attitude toward US foreign policy. Although he makes quite clear the fact that these are not his own views, he feels that many people in that part of the world exhibit a distrust of US policy because of a fear that there are "strings attached.” He goes on to show how this fear grows out of Asia's bitter experiences with colonialism, and her identification of the United States with that policy. Some of the problems growing out of America's desire for European and Asian Federation are also examined by the group, such as the fear of the smaller nations that they will be dominated by the larger ones, and Britain's fear of losing her Asian holdings. A comparison by the students of the situation in Asia as compared to that in Europe, showed a strong feeling that each faced many different problems in achieving federation. The inability of many people in the United States to distinguish between communism and socialism is strongly criticized by the delegate from Britain, who points out that he, after all, "comes from a welfare state." Some very alert discussion centers around the reactions of foreign students to the attitudes of American youngsters, and what is described as their "fear of solitude. The American student offers as explanation the necessity to stress citizenship, teamwork, and a sense of "American-ness" in order to bring together all of the varying cultures that make up America. 
New York Herald Tribune; WOR-TV; Helen Hiett Waller; Victor Cavaness
National Educational Television; Indiana University Audio-Visual Center
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International relations; Cross-cultural studies
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National Educational Television
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