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Why and How to Experiment in Economics
2019-01-25 (Creation date: 2019-01-25)
Main contributor
Puzzello, Daniela
Experimental economics uses human subjects to answer research and policy questions. This talk provides a brief discussion of the methodological guidelines adopted in economics experiments. It will also illustrate how experiments can be used to test the validity of economic theories or guide the design of market mechanisms and economic policies.
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Professor Puzzello's research and teaching interests are in economic theory, monetary economics and experimental economics. Her work focuses on the efficiency of allocations in environments with decentralized trade. Some of her research integrates theory and experiments to study social norms of exchange and welfare improving trading institutions. Puzzello's research has been published in American Economic Review, Econometrica, Economic Theory, European Economic Review, Games and Economic Behavior, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Mathematical Economics, and Journal of Monetary Economics. She is an associate editor of Economic Theory, an advisory board member of the SAET Bulletin and an editor of The B. E. Journal of Theoretical Economics.