Array Performance for Solo Soprano Saxophone

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Main contributors
Nathan Froebe; Nick May; Bryan Boyd
Array is a series of miniatures based on the Progress Pride Flag. Created in 1978 by
artist Gilbert Baker at the behest of Harvey Milk, the Pride Flag has been an enduring and
evolving symbol for the LGBTQ+ community. Baker created various meanings for each
color of the flag as well, explaining that “I like to think of those elements as in every
person, everyone shares that.” The flag originally had the colors of hot pink and turquoise,
but due to manufacturing issues they were quickly dropped. In 2017, the city of
Philadelphia added the brown and black stripes to stand in solidarity with members of the
BIPOC community. Then, in 2018, non-binary artist Daniel Quasar redesigned it again to
the current (2022) iteration, with a chevron on the left side of the
flag pointing forward, representing the progress that has been made. The chevron consists of the white/light blue/ light pink of the trans/non-binary flag, as well as the black and brown stripes. Conflicting
accounts arise of their descriptions of the black and white colors, and which one
represented the lives lost to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, thus the executive decision was made
during the composing process to have white represent it. Each miniature is not meant to be
an interpretation of the literal color, but instead a personal and artistic rendering of the
concept as experienced by the composer.

Composer - Nathan Froebe
Soprano Saxophone - Nick May
Director - Bryan Boyd
IU East LGBTQ+ Collection
IU East Libraries (IU Libraries)


0:00  I. Hot Pink - Sex
1:31  II. Red - Life
3:03  III. Orange - Healing
4:04  IV. Yellow - Sunlight
4:54  V. Green - Nature
6:30  VI. Turquoise -  Magic
7:23  VII. Blue - Peace
9:14  VIII. Indigo - Harmony
10:35  IX. Violet - Spirit
11:36  X. White - HIV/AIDS Epidemic
13:23  XI. - Light Pink & Light Blue - Trans/Non-Binary
14:15  XII. Brown - Inclusivity
15:13  XIII. Black - Diversity
16:12  XIV. Rainbow - Spectrum

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