Has Europe a future?

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The question of the future of Europe is discussed by students from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Belgium. Each of the participants has a good knowledge of European history and culture, and each contributes some very interesting ideas. The role of West Germany in a united Europe is closely examined, particularly the advisability of re-armament and re-industrialization. Much attention is devoted to the economic aspects of European recovery, particularly relaxation of tariff barriers, and the close relationship of Europe's economy to that of the United States. In this connection, some attention is given to the export-import policies of the United States. While much of the discussion centers on these economic and political problems, the consensus of the group seems to be that certain cultural problems must be solved before any lasting solution to these practical problems can be evolved. The tendency of Europe to live in its past is critically examined, and all of the group seemed more or less to agree that before Europe can fully recover, it must learn to look forward. Also, there is an attempt to evaluate nationalism, and possibly to evolve a new concept of nationalism. They all feel that the strength of Europe lies in its young people, and thus are anxious for opportunities to know one another. This is a most mature and thoughtful discussion. There seems to be little rancor, even between the student from Germany and the one from France. While all are aware of the great problems confronting them, they are anxious to solve them intelligently and fairly.
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European federation ; Nationalism.
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