The Times They Are A-Changin': Preservation of and Access to the Digital Output of Researchers

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Main contributors
Porter, Dot; Laherty, Jennifer; McDonald, Robert
IU has developed a number of strategies for dealing with the digital scholarly output of IU faculty. In this session, information managers will outline these strategies and discuss plans for the future. Laherty will discuss the IUScholarWorks program which aims to make the digital output of IU scholars available and to ensure that these resources are archived, preserved and organized for the future. In this presentation, Laherty will briefly demonstrate IUScholarWorks services and explain its benefits, including the strategies for preserving records. Porter will examine the various ways that the Digital Library Program supports the preservation of faculty scholarship in the broad sense and will examine in more detail a few specific faculty-led projects the DLP has supported in the past. In addition, she will review DLP's participation in initiatives throughout the Libraries and across campus that support preservation of digital work through shared file formats, best practices, and shared infrastructure and technologies. Finally, McDonald will review IU's plans for research data curation and management.
Indiana University Digital Library Program
Digital Library Brown Bag Series
IUScholarWorks Repository
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Only audio is available for this Brown Bag presentation.