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Juvenile Confinement Institutions and Correctional Systems
Main contributor
Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency
May 3, 1971 

Richard Korn, School of Criminology, University of California, Berkeley 
Steven Bercu, attorney, El Paso Legal Assistance Society, Texas 
Bill Payne, reporter, El Paso Times 
John A. Cocoros, Texas Director, National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) 
Joseph B. Graves, Jr., Chairman, Department of Political Science, University of Texas at El Paso; representing Citizens Advisory Committee of El Paso County 

Side 1 - 44:04 (poor quality, with starts, stops, and omissions)
00:00 Bayh statement and introduction of Richard Korn
06:00 Korn 
15:38 Steven Bercu 
39:43 Bill Payne 

Side 2 - 32:00 (poor quality, with starts, stops, and omissions)
00:00 Payne, cont.
01:04 John A. Corcoros 
10:25 Joseph B. Graves, Jr. 
29:15 Press conference 

May 4, 1971 (incomplete)

Alfred R. Bennett, Superintendent, Indiana Boys' School, Plainfield; accompanied by Sherril Ness, juvenile committed to Indiana Boys' School 
Dorothy VanBrunt, Superintendent, Indiana Girls' School, Indianapolis; accompanied by Sharon Rushin, juvenile committed to Indiana Girls' School 
Luther Hicks, Director, Dignity Unlimited, Inc., Indianapolis 

Side 1 - 37:16 
00:00 Bayh statement and introduction of Alfred R. Bennett
02:53 Bennett

May 5, 1971 (incomplete)

Patrick T. Murphy, Chief Attorney, Juvenile Office, Legal Aid Bureau, Chicago 
George C. Cochrane, Director, Center on Law and Poverty, Duke University Law School, Durham, North Carolina 
Trip Sizemore, law student 
David Hough, attorney, Durham Legal Aid Clinic 
George Manning, attorney, High Point, North Carolina 
Phil Larson, law student 
E. Preston Sharp, General Secretary, American Correctional Association 
Milton G. Rector, Executive Director, National Council on Crime and Delinquency 
Frederick Ward, Jr., Director, Division of Research and Special Services 
Hunter Hurst, III, Director, Survey Services 

(First tape missing)

Side 2 - 7:42
00:00 Patrick T. Murphy

Side 3 - 47:57
00:00 George C. Cochrane 
02:16 Trip Sizemore 
25:51 David Hough 
37:49 George Manning 
41:33 Phil Larson  

Side 4 - 47:51
00:00 Larson, cont.
09:45 E. Preston Sharp 
24:00 Milton G. Rector
29:34 Frederick Ward, Jr. 

Side 5 - 18:15
00:00 Ward, cont. 
05:21 Hunter Hurst, III

May 17, 1971 (incomplete)

Sister Mary Paul Janchill, Director, Social Services, Euphrasian Residence, St. Helena's Residence, and Project Outreach, New York City 
Unidentified Witnesses: Two juveniles residing at Euphrasian and St. Helena's Residences, and mother of one, testifying under assumed names 
Sue Ann Shay, Assistant General Counsel, Community Action for Legal Services, Inc., New York City 
Paul Kelley, past client, New York State Juvenile System 
Esther Rothman, Principal, Livingston School, New York City 
Morton P. Cohen, attorney 
Joseph R. Rowan, Executive Director, John Howard Association, Chicago 
Kenneth F. Harper, Secretary of State, Kentucky; Chairman, Kentucky Crime Commission Delinquency Committee 
Gail Huecker, Director, Metropolitan Social Services Department (MSSD), Louisville, Kentucky 
Raymond L. Suell, former Juvenile Court Judge, Jefferson County, Kentucky 
John M. Wall, Superintendent, Johnstone Research and Treatment Center, Bordentown, New Jersey 
George Perkins, Commissioner, Child Welfare, Kentucky 

Side 1 - 41:39 (recording not sequential; sequence is as follows)
00:00 Bayh introduction of Sister Mary Paul Janchill and Bayh general Qs, then Janchill to 9:09
39:02 Sue Ann Shay and Paul Kelley
09:09 Paul Kelley
26:25 Sue Ann Shay 
27:05 Paul Kelley
30:00 Sue Ann Shay 
34:34 Mrs. Shaffer and Carolyn Norton

May 18, 1971 

David Rothenberg, Executive Secretary, Fortune Society 
Melvin Rivers, President, Fortune Society 
Chuck Berganski and Danny Keane, both ex-convicts and Fortune Society members 
Herman Schwartz, State University Law School, Buffalo, New York 
Charles T. Scott, Counselor, Maryland Training School for Boys, Baltimore; former prison inmate 
Jack Cohen, Executive Vice President, Boys' Town Homes of Maryland 

Recordings not yet available.
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