Dr. Thomas A. Dooley

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On his PLATFORM programs, Dr. Thomas A. Dooley speaks his mind on the image of America in Southeast Asia.  He calls for a renewal of the traditional American approach to under-developed countries --the approach through American individuals and voluntary organizations rather than heavy reliance on government agencies.  “The most powerful tool we have is the human personality.  Education is the most important thing we have to offer to Asia, and people are the only ones who can bring education.  Books and propaganda leaflets cannot do it.  The tremendous value that I wish more people in Washington would realize is the value of the individual person.  If we would just flood these countries with individual young American men and women we could accomplish a great deal.  We need people who will live and work with these people in their villages.” Dr. Dooley points out that the Communists realize that the future of Asia lies in the villages.  They are making an intensive effort through local people to identify America with the hated French colonialism.  He says the Communists attack the spirit of America and we too often counter with mere boasting about our material achievements. Dr. Dooley also discusses the “Great White Fleet” which he feels is going to cause more harm than good.  He believes the term “Great White Fleet” is an unfortunate one since it fails to recognize the Asian distrust of the white man and hatred of colonialism.  Fleets were instruments of imperialism in the past and a great aircraft carrier in a harbor of Asia or Africa even if it is loaded with medicine conveys another meaning to the people.  His major criticism of the “Great White Fleet” is, however, that it is not a “grass roots” program designed to be an integral long-range part of the underdeveloped countries.
KETC-TV; KMOX-TV, Department of Public Affairs; John E. Curby; Thomas B. Curtis; John A. Arnold; Dr. Thomas A. Dooley; Spencer Allen
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