Have your ideas changed?

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Representatives of Japan, Iceland, United Kingdom and Denmark ask themselves, “Have Your Ideas Changed?” What has been learned, accepted, discarded by the panelists in the past three months? What value can be assigned to the Youth Forum project? How important was the strictly academic experience in their stay here? How can American and foreign schools be compared? What are some weaknesses of American schools? What effect does foreign language training have on students in various countries? What effect does the traveler abroad have on the people of the country he visits? What is the effect of an army of occupation, such as existed for a while in Japan? How can people learn more about each other? 
National Educational Television
Youth; Political; Educational; Talk
International relations.
National Educational Television
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1 Film (0:29:19); 16mm
Broadcast Date: 1959
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IULMIA Film Database: 40000003373224; Other: GR00426956; MDPI Barcode: 40000003373224

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