Inside/Out: I Dare You

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Agency for Instructional Television
Clarissa, a new girl in the neighborhood, wants to join the "gang." To be accepted as a member, she must carry out a potentially dangerous dare. The gang is also shaken by the potential danger and debates whether the dare is necessary and how hard it should be. In a series of flashbacks each child recounts this particular dare. Yes, Clarissa must accept the dare to join the gang; her trial will come later in the day. Torn between a desire for social acceptance and a concern for her safety, Clarissa fantasizes many of the possible consequences of taking the dare and argues with herself about whether membership in the group is worth the risk. When the moment of decision arrives, she is urged on by the gang, who shout fiercely, "Go! Go! Go!" As the tension reaches its highest point the program ends .... What has Clarissa decided to do?

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Agency for Instructional Technology
IUL Moving Image Archive
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Other: GR00250873; Other: VC-709; MDPI Barcode: 40000001668294

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