Are Americans civilized?

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In his final program, John Dodds poses a startling question: “Are Americans civilized?” Undoubtedly, he says, most Americans will reply without hesitation. “Of course, we are!” Yet, Dr. Dodds points out, we are branded by many foreigners as a raw, materialistic, uncouth, mercenary, and even an uncivilized nation. He inquires into the factors in our society that have induced such severe criticism from abroad. He asks if others are merely jealous of our technological advancement –which most are as quick to adopt as they are to criticize –or have they actually found some basic flaws in the fabric of our culture. In peering into the structure of our civilization, he holds up a mirror in which all Americans might profit from viewing themselves. From this analysis we realize that American have their shortcomings both obvious and subtle, but, as to the state of American civilization, Dr. Dodds leads us to believe the picture is more pleasant than many would have us think.
KQED, San Francisco; John W. Dodds; E. G. Valens; Tom Borden; Herbert D. Seiter
National Educational Television; Indiana University Audio-Visual Center
Human behavior.
National Educational Television
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