Ian McGowan Documentary Interview

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2020 (Creation date: 2019-12-02)
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Ian McGowan
The interview seems to be part of a larger project, as Ian MacGowan is often asked by the interviewer to stop and repeat certain phrases. Ian starts by talking about the year 1968, reactions and protests to the Vietnam War, and the general atmosphere of chaos and anger. He then discusses the atmosphere in Washington, DC, and his involvement with the Youth Franchise Coalition. The interview also covers Ian's political background. A chronology of events specifically related to the 26th Amendment begins with the date June 17, 1970 at 26:42, and reactions to the inclusion in the Voting Rights Act of an amendment to lower the voting age to 18. Ian is then asked to discuss the date June 22, 1970 at 29:02 and reactions to President Nixon's signing of the VRA. At 31:50, Ian is asked to comment on the December 21 Supreme Court ruling in the case Oregon v. Mitchell. At 34:42, there is discussion of the constitutional amendment, and at 37:20, Ian's take on President Nixon signing the amendment. Short Q&A's start at 39:45.
Charles Koppelman
26th Amendment Collection
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