Inside/Out: Lost Is a Feeling

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Amador and his family are moving from Puerto Rico to Washington, D.C., and his parents have sent him on ahead by plane to stay with his Aunt Rosa and Uncle Roberto. When he arrives at their apartment, he looks out on the new and strange city streets, noisy with traffic and walled in by buildings, so unlike the neighborhood he knows at home. Three weeks later Amador, ill-at-ease and unhappy, is moping around the apartment when his uncle appears with a present for him-a new baseball glove. Uncle Roberto tells him that he must take it outdoors so that he can find some boys to play with and make some new friends. He finds a game in progress and watches from the sidelines until a fly ball comes his way and he catches it. This annoys the other boys, and they start toward Amador, expecting some sort of explanation. Confused by their manner, Amador blurts out "I can play" in Spanish, but fears that the boys are out to get him and runs away from them, dropping his mitt on the field. One of the boys, Peter, who speaks some Spanish, picks it up and explains to the others that Amador only wants to play with them, and then runs after Amador to return the mitt. Meanwhile Amador has come to a bridge where he stops to look down into the stream below. He goes down to the creek and begins to wade into the water until a mounted policeman tells him to get out of the polluted creek. Confused and frightened, he clutches his shoes and runs off barefoot to find his way back to the apartment. He catches sight of Peter running toward him and speeds up, afraid of what might happen to him. He reaches the safety of the apartment, where Peter leaves the mitt for him. Watching from inside, Amador seems to understand at last that the boys have really meant him no harm. 
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