Triumph [Unknown Title]

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A husband and wife stand back-to-back as the announcer says that they think they have the perfect marriage but they now have another love. She walks outside to see the car in front of the house, the announcer describes the car as her new child. She’s wearing winter clothes and there’s snow on the ground. In the driver’s seat she’s smiling happily at the dashboard, then she maneuvers the car into a tight parking space. We see her husband look around a corner sneakily. We see him happily in the car with his winter clothes on and a hat. He drives the car around snowy streets in the neighborhood. The announcer mentions that the car isn’t a “gold-digger” in that it saves on gas. The husband and wife are together outside and she holds the top to a trash can as he throws away a greasing pan and she closes the lid on the trash can once its done. They both smile at each other and lock arms as they walk away. They stand in front of the house back-to-back with each other next to the car before turning around, smiling, and embracing each other. The price of $1845 for the car is listed in the ad. 
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