At What Price? (Market Clearing Prices)

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National Instructional Television
Episode 12 of Trade-offs, a series in economic education for nine to thirteen year-olds that consists of fifteen 20-minute television/film programs and related materials. Using dramatizations and special visuals, the series considers fundamental economic problems relevant to everyday life. In its first year, Trade-offs was used by approximately 500,000 students and their teachers in about 25.000 fifth and sixth grade classrooms. This more than quadrupled the amount of teaching of economics as a subject. Trade-offs was produced under the direction of AIT by the Educational Film Center (North Spring-field. Virginia), The Ontario Educational Communications Authority, and public television station KERA, Dallas. Programs were available on film, videocassette, and broadcast videotape. Trade-offs was developed cooperatively by the Joint Council on Economic Education, the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education, the Agency for Instructional Television, and a consortium fifty-three state and provincial education and broadcasting agencies.
Agency for Instructional Technology
IUL Moving Image Archive
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16mm film
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Other: GR00423141; MDPI Barcode: 40000003250000

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