The New Statistics and Open Science: How to get started

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2017-09-29 (Creation date: 2017-09-29)
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Calin-Jageman, Robert
Recently the Association for Psychological Science revised its publication guidelines to reward Open Science practices and to encourage the use of the “New Statistics” as a better alternative to null hypothesis significance testing (NHST).  Other journals and professional societies seem to be moving in the same direction, often in collaboration with funding agencies.

This workshop will provide a practical introduction to the New Statistics and some emerging Open Science practices.  We will worth through examples from several common research designs.  We will also explore resources that can help you adopt these approaches in your own research.  
Indiana University Workshop in Methods
Workshop in Methods
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Robert Calin-Jageman is a professor of psychology and the neuroscience program director at Dominican University. He has taught statistics and mentored students in psychological science for 10 years, publishing with 16 undergraduate co-authors (so far). His research focuses on how memories are formed and forgotten. He has also been active in exploring the replicability of psychological science and promoting Open Science. He received his PhD in Biological Psychology from Wayne State University.

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