Inside/Out : Love, Susan

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Susan has been painting a water-color portrait of her family, which she is eager to give to her father the moment he gets home from work. As she hurries to finish the picture, her father is fighting one traffic jam after another to end a day that has already left him out of sorts. As soon as he gets in the house, he slumps into a chair, frazzled and exhausted. Susan applies the finishing touches to the picture, signs it "Love, Susan," and dashes into the living room to welcome her father. She excitedly tries to get him to come out to the kitchen to see what she's made for him. Rattled by her pleas, he explodes, "I don't want to see it-I don't want to see you - get out of here!" Stunned by the outburst, Susan rushes upstairs to her room in tears and takes out her anger on her dog. Furious with her father, she screams, "I hate him! ... He doesn't love me, nobody loves me ... I'm going to run away!" Meanwhile, her mother is trying to soothe the father, listening to his troubles and explaining how much the picture means to Susan. Her father goes up to talk with Susan, but she slips a note under the door telling him to go away. Despite his apology she refuses to leave the room, but instead sends out her dog for him to walk. Afterwards, Susan wonders whether the conflict was really her fault, and hugging a stuffed animal her father has given her, she thinks tenderly of him. Later she leaves her room and steals downstairs to get some food, but overhears her parents talk over how badly the day has turned out. Now moved to understanding by what she has heard, she goes quietly into the living room to sit down by her father. Father and daughter smile at each other in silence, exchanging looks of sympathy and forgiveness. (With captions)
Agency for Instructional Technology
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