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New View Campaign Third Conference Slideshow & Vulvagraphics Videos
Main contributor
Tiefer, Leonore
Slideshow of images from Framing The Vulva: Genital Cosmetic Surgery And Genital Diversity Third New View Campaign Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada September 26, 2010. No audio during the slide show.  

Audio and video track documenting "Vulvagraphics" begins at 20:46. The New View Campaign organized an arts and crafts exhibit and a political event titled “Vulvagraphics” on October 24-25, 2009 to celebrate the role of art in activism and to kick off a campus-based movement to celebrate genital diversity.

The New View Campaign (NVC) is a grassroots initiative begun to challenge the over-medicalization of sex in the wake of publicity following the release of Viagra. Leonore Tiefer is the founder of the New View Campaign. 
Tiefer, Leonore; Green, Fiona; Schick, Vanessa; Comella, Lynn; McCubbinn, Laurenn; Braun, Virginia; Mintcheva, Svetlana; Low, Meika; Knowles, Jon
Las Vegas, Nevada
Kinsey Institute Educational Films
Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction
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Digital slideshow & Video
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