The Environment

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Agency For Instructional Television
Episode 5 of the Agency for Instructional Television series Across Cultures. Shows how the life-styles of different groups of people throughout the world are shaped by the physical environment. Looks at the Baoulé people in the village of Yrakrou, Ivory Coast, where the N'zi River supplies water for drinking, bathing, irrigation, and transportation, but also poses a threat because of seasonal flooding. In Chihuahua, Mexico, the Tarahumara's water supply is polluted and causes intestinal infections that are often fatal to children. The Japanese environment requires living in very limited space and adjusting to the constant threat of earthquakes.Hosted by John Robbins. Produced for Wisconsin Educational Television Network and Agency for Instructional Television by Positive Image Productions, Inc., in association with Academy for Research, Instruction and Educational Systems.
Agency for Instructional Technology
IUL Moving Image Archive
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1-inch open reel video tape
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Other: GR00404163; MDPI Barcode: 40000002799007

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