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Runaway Youth
Main contributor
Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency
January 13, 1972 

William Treanor, Director, Special Approaches in Juvenile Assistance, Inc.; accompanied by Becky Lovelace and Lyonelle "Mouse" Norris, Clients of Runaway House, Washington, D.C. 
Philip J. Rutledge, Deputy Administrator, Social and Rehabilitation Service, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; accompanied by James Edwards, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation (Welfare), Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; and Robert Foster, Deputy Commissioner, Youth Development and Delinquency Prevention Administration, Social and Rehabilitation Service, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
Brian Slattery, Co-Director of Youth Advocates, Inc.; accompanied by Rick Wagner, client at Huckleberry House, San Francisco, California
Major J. A. Bechtel, Head of Investigations and Services Division, Montgomery County Police Department, Montgomery County, Maryland

Side 1 
00:00 Bayh opening statement and introduction of William Treanor, Becky Lovelace, and "Mouse" Norris
05:40 Treanor  
15:33 Lovelace 
22:30 Norris 
27:52 Bayh questions to Lovelace and Norris
30:00 Bayh questions to Treanor 

Side 2 
00:27 Bayh introduction of Philip J. Rutledge, James Edwards, and Robert Foster
01:42 Rutledge 
17:15 Edwards 
25:55 Foster 
30:00 Bayh questions to Rutledge 
37:15 Bayh introduction of Brian Slattery and Rick Wagner 
38:55 Slattery 

Side 3
00:00 Slattery, cont. 
16:30 Wagner 
32:56 Bayh questions to Slattery 
41:33 Bayh intro of Major J. A. Bechtel 
42:00 Bechtel 

Side 4 
00:00 Bechtel, cont. 
13:08 Recess 

January 14, 1972 

Reverend Fred P. Eckhardt, Director of Operation Eye-Opener, Pastor, St. John's Lutheran Church, New York, New York; accompanied by John and Jerry Cagiao 
John Wedemeyer, Director, The Bridge, San Diego, California; accompanied by Cathie B., client of the Bridge
Warren W. Martin, Jr., Judge, Superior Court, Clark County, Jeffersonville, Indiana; accompanied by Mrs. C. B. Barthold, Chief Probation Officer, Superior Court, Clark County, President, Indiana Corrections Assocation
Rhetta Arter, Consultant on Government Programs, National Board, Young Women's Christian Association of the U.S.A., New York, New York; accompanied by Mrs. Corienne Morrow
Catherine C. Hiatt, Executive Director, Travelers Aid Society of Washington, D.C., Travelers Aid Association of America

Side 1
00:00 Bayh introduction of Fred P. Eckhardt and John and Jerry Cagiao 
01:17 Eckhardt 
11:30 Bayh questions to Eckhardt and Cagiaos 
37:38 Bayh introduction of John Wedemeyer and Cathie B. 
38:18 Wedemeyer 

Side 2
00:00 Wedemeyer, cont. 
17:42 Cathie B.
37:06 Bayh introduction of Warren W. Martin, Jr., and Mrs. C. B. Barthold 
37:58 Martin 
39:11 Barthold 

Side 3
00:00 Bayh questions to Martin and Barthold 
20:52 Bayh introduction of Rhetta Arter and Mrs. Corienne Morrow
21:17 Arter 
47:26 Morrow 
47:56 Bayh introduction of Catherine Hiatt 
48:22 Hiatt 

Side 4 - 17:17
00:00 Hiatt, cont.
11:25 Recess
Birch Bayh Senatorial Papers
Indiana University Libraries Modern Political Papers

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