Inside/Out: I Want To

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In an imaginary courtroom scene, Patricia is demanding her rights as a nine-year-old, accusing the rest of the Michaels family of treating her like a baby. Through her friend Bud, who acts as her advocate, she tries to prove that she is old enough to take on more and greater responsibilities. Her parents, her older sister Joan, and her brothers Tony and Kevin dispute her claims, through their own advocate, Elvira Smith, asserting that she isn't ready yet to do all the things she wants to do. The court, presided over by a friendly grocer, proceeds to hear both sides of the case, examining a series of witnesses to determine who is in the right Patty tells of trying to do the family wash as a birthday surprise for her mother and being scolded because things went awry; of not being allowed to go to the movies by herself because it might be too dangerous; and of being assigned trivial jobs by her parents. The other family members take the stand to explain their attitudes, pointing out Patty's shortcomings and admit.ting some of their own. 
The case ends in confusion when supporters of both sides start milling around the bench. A TV announcer for the program "You Wanted It," which is presenting the trial, leaves the verdict to the viewing audience. 
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