[Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi, 1951-1952] / collected by Alan P. and Barbara W. Merriam.

Main contributor
Merriam, Alan P., 1923-1980
Merriam, Barbara Williams, 1927-; Indiana University, Bloomington. Archives of Traditional Music.
Folk music; Bashi (African people); Music; Hima (African people); Ngala (African people); Kongo (African people); Tutsi (African people); Hutu (African people); Batwa (African people); Chiga (African people); Rundi (African people); Mbuti (African people); Pygmies; Ekonda (African people); Wedding music; Work songs; Children's songs; Rites and ceremonies; Political ballads and songs; Drinking songs; War songs; Hunting songs; Lullabies
Congo (Democratic Republic); Rwanda; Burundi
Archives of Traditional Music
Archives of Traditional Music
Niger-Kordofanian (Other)
Physical Description
76 sound tape reels (ca. 38 hrs.) : analog, 7 1/2 ips, full track, mono. ; 7 in.
Songs and music from Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi.
Accompanied by an index to tribes, locations and song types; lacks specific item concordance.
Deposited at the Archives of Traditional Music by Alan Merriam in 1966; option 1.

Local Note

OT 6550--6625; EC 1421--1496 (copies)


Various unidentified performers.

Statement of Responsibility

collected by Alan P. and Barbara W. Merriam.


Pt. 1. Eastern Congo. Bashi serenade, social, marriage, children's, war, market, work, drinking, herding, ceremonial, milking, and political songs and instrumental music. Bahema social, drinking, and cattle songs and instrumental music. Bakoga instrumental music -- Pt. 2. Western Congo. Bangala and Bakonga social songs -- Pt. 3. Rwanda. Bahima herding, praise, social, boasting, marriage, and greeting songs and instrumental music. Abatutsi royal drums of the Mwami and of the Queen Mother. Social, marriage, children₋s, war, market, work, drinking, cattle, boasting and political songs and instrumental music of the Bahutu, Batwa, Bakiga, Abahororo, Abanyambo, Abayovu, Abagogwe and Abagoyi people -- Pt. 4. Burundi. "Same song types as for Rwanda with minor variations" --
Pt. 5. Ituri Forest. Bambuti elephant hunting, rejoicing, social, ceremonial, porters', prisoners', traveling, and initiation songs and instrumental music -- Pt. 6. West Central Congo. Ekonda and Batua twins, sorcerer, dance, death, lullaby, social, paddlers', work, porters', spirit, ceremonial, boasting, and political songs and instrumental music.

Venue/Event Date

Recorded in eastern, west central and Ituri Forest areas of the Congo [Zaire], and Ruanda-Urundi from Sept. 20, 1951 to May 3, 1952 by the Merriams.
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Catalog Key: 2065145

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