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Semantic Web: Past, Now, Future
Main contributor
Ding, Ying
Semantic Web starts from late 90s as the original vision of the WWW inventor Tim Berners-Lee. The power of the Semantic Web lies in the potential for interoperability through some well-defined metadata in machine understandable way with logic reasoning support. Layered design principle in the Semantic Web paves the way for reuse. With the evolution of the Web, currently Web 2.0 provides scalable information sharing platform, while the Semantic Web adds valuable machine understandable metadata to enable efficient and automatic way of information sharing and cross-portal communication and collaboration. The combination of the Semantic Web with Web2.0 forms a new momentum for the next web weave coined as Web 3.0 in the New York Time. This talk will go through the footprints of the web evolution and highlights the semantics on the Web.
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