Motivations and Tools for Spatial Data Analysis

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2011-02-18 (Creation date: 2011-02-18)
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Katherine J. Curtis
This workshop introduces the motivations for spatial data analysis with hands on application of foundational methods. The discussion portion of the workshop will center on the statistical and conceptual motivations for using spatial data analysis techniques. The hands on component will focus on polygon data (e.g., counties), and exploratory spatial analysis and spatial regression analysis techniques using the software package GeoDa. No GIS expertise is necessary, but a solid understanding of multivariate regression analysis will be useful.
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Dr. Curtis is Assistant Professor of Community and Environmental Sociology at the University of Wisconsin. Together with Dr. Paul Voss, she teaches the ICPSR course in spatial regression. Dr. Curtis' work addresses the causes and consequences of migration and population composition, population and environment, and inequality. Her analytical approach aims to address spatial and temporal aspects underlying these demographic processes. Her work engages multiple literatures across disciplines to gain greater substantive and technical insight. Curtis’ work has been published in the field’s top journal and featured in special publications and conferences focusing on spatial demography.

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