TRE® WEBINAR - Interview with Dr Stephen Porges about the Polyvagal Theory and TRE®

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Porges, Stephen W.
Dr. Stephen Porges, PhD, is a Distinguished University Scientist at the Kinsey Institute at Bloomington, Indiana University. Dr. Porges has proposed and developed the Polyvagal Theory. In this webinar, Dr. David Berceli, the creator of TRE®, interviews Dr. Porges about how the Polyvagal Theory and his concept of Social Engagement relates to TRE® and the tremor mechanism.

Visit to view all our online courses and visit to learn more about the Polyvagal Theory and how it specifically relates to TRE®. Including bonus interview with Dr Robert Scaer, MD, and 90 min of extra material.
Berceli, David
Kinsey Institute Educational Films
Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction
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