2015 Indiana State Fair Master: Mauri Williamson

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Mauri Williamson (Master), Jon Kay (Director), Shaun Williams (Production and Editing), Geoff Guernsey and Olivia Smiley (Music), Andrew Wei (Recorder of Music), Jessy Yancey and Mark Evans (Additional Footage),Traditional Arts Indiana
Thanks to Mauri Williamson, the Pioneer Village has become one of the most popular and beloved activities of the Indiana State Fair. The Village celebrates Indiana’s agricultural heritage through displaying antique tractors and farm implements, as well as by hosting old-time craft and farm-life demonstrations. The roots of the Village date to 1961 when Mauri, then the Purdue Agricultural Alumni Association secretary, brought a collection of farming artifacts from the university to create an educational display at the Indiana State Fair. In 1968, the Village began to grow when the Fair built a barn dedicated to housing its unique collection. 
From fiddling and quilting to threshing and storytelling, today the Pioneer Village features dozens of musicians, artisans, and demonstrators who share their talents with fairgoers. More than just the founder of the Pioneer Village, for over 54 years Mauri Williamson has worked to make the Village a memorable experience for countless Hoosiers.
The Indiana State Fair Master Award was established to recognize long-time fair participants, who share their knowledge and talents at the Fair. Indiana University's Traditional Arts Indiana and Indiana State Fair are Honored to name Mauri Williamson the 2015 Indiana State Fair Master.
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Citation: Kay, Jon, director. 2015 Indiana State Fair Master: Mauri Williamson. Youtube, Traditional Arts Indiana, 20 Aug. 2015, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDMOz2EvitA. Accessed 6 Nov. 2022. 

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