Inside/Out: Breakup

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Becky's parents are separated, uncertain of what will become of their marriage and their lives.
On the day that her father is flying into town to see them for the weekend, Becky's mother drives her and her younger brother Cory to the airport. The mother is anxious and distracted, Becky is confused and frightened, and Cory restless and innocent of the troubles around him. All along the way Becky questions her mother with growing intensity about why "people fall out of love" and what is going to happen to them if there is a divorce. Edgy about seeing her husband again, the mother cannot find the patience to answer the questions to Becky's satisfaction. In spite of her mother's reassurance that both her parents love her very much, Becky imagines fantastically the frightening consequences of divorce. These nightmarish episodes reveal Becky's feelings of fear, anger, and guilt, and are contrasted with the happy times that she remembers from the days when her parents were still in love. When the father arrives, he embraces the children and then haltingly takes his wife's hand. As they leave the airport together, there is no way of knowing whether a reconciliation is still possible or whether all of them will yet have to grope through the pain of divorce. 
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