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Designing Case Study Research: Lessons from a Grant Reviewer
2011-10-28 (Creation date: 2011-10-28)
Main contributor
Andrew Bennett
This session will cover the essential tasks of designing case study research (specifying the puzzle, identifying alternative explanations, specifying the variables and measuring them, selecting cases, and formulating questions to ask of each case). It draws on the lecturer's experience reviewing hundreds of grant proposals for the National Science Foundation and the US Institute of Peace to identify ten common flaws in case study research designs.
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Workshop in Methods
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Dr. Bennett is Professor of Government at Georgetown University. He is the author, with Alexander George, of "Case Studies and Theory Development in the Social Sciences" (MIT Press, 2005), and President of the Institute on Qualitative and Multimethod Research (IQMR, easy to find on Google), a two-week training institute at Syracuse University that hosts over 150 PhD students each year. Professor Bennett has reviewed and critiqued over 500 case study research designs for PhD students and grant-awarding organizations.