An Introduction to Propensity Score Analysis

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2012-11-30 (Creation date: 2012-11-30)
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Michael Massoglia
This seminar presents a general overview of propensity score modeling. It begins with a basic discussion of the logic and some notable features of the propensity model. Next we formally present propensity models, and discuss the assumptions underlying the approach. From there we move to a discussion of potential strengths and weaknesses of the propensity models, as well as some common issues to consider when using propensity scores in the research process. The presentation next goes step by step through the estimation process, including the use of different matching procedures and the calculation of robustness tests. The presentation concludes with group discussion and questions.
Workshop in Methods
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Dr. Massoglia is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin. His research focuses on the social consequences of the expansion of the penal system, the relationship between the use of legal controls and demographic change in the United States, and patterns and consequences of criminal behavior over the life course. Current research projects examine historical variation in U.S. criminal deportations as well as the relationship between incarceration and neighborhood attainment and racial composition.

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