The Grammar of Graphics: An Introduction to ggplot2

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2017-10-13 (Creation date: 2017-10-13)
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Davis, Jefferson
In The Grammar of Graphics, Leland Wilkinson created a systematic way to think about statistical graphics and the presentation of quantitative data. The package ggplot2 by Hadley Wickham implements of Wilkinson's system for the language R.

The talk will discuss the following:

- What are statistical graphs and what are some ways to talk about them?

- Examples of common plot types done in ggplot2.

- Using ggplot2 to display common statistical transformations.

- Grouping and faceting data in ggplot2.

- Using themes to add polish to graphs.

The talk requires no familiarity with ggplot2 or other libraries. Some familiarity with base R, however, will be useful.
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Jefferson Davis is a software analyst with Research Analytics. He has worked on several projects that have used R and R libraries. Current projects include work in data visualization, machine learning methods, and large data sets.

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