Applied Structural Equation Modeling For Dummies, By Dummies

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2013-02-22 (Creation date: 2013-02-22)
Main contributors
Joseph J. Sudano; Adam T. Perzynski
Despite our self-deprecating title, this talk should be understood as an attempt to make Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) accessible to a wide audience of researchers across many disciplines. We present a basic overview of SEM principles, some common nomenclature, a little algebra (with only one or two Greek letters!), a few real world examples, and then a foray into more advanced SEM techniques such as measurement invariance testing and latent growth curve modeling. Whether you just want to know how to read or critique an article that uses SEM in the analysis, or want to engage a couple of "SEM dummies" in some feisty Friday afternoon methods discussions, come to our talk...we'd love to visit with you.
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Dr. Sudano is Assistant Professor of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University, where he is also Director of the Behavioral and Social Science unit in the Center for Health Care Research and Policy.

Dr. Perzynski is Senior Instructor of Medicine in the Center for Health Care Research and Policy at Case Western Reserve University.

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