2015 Hymn Camp

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Main contributors
Jessica Raposo; Alisa Clapp-Itnyre; Caryle Bailey
2015 Victorian Song-Camp Singers (all children’s voices used with parental permission):

Heather Metzger, age 8 
Grace Stewart, age 9 
Mary Jetmore, age 9 
Kristen Urich, age 10 
Eden Judd, age 10 
Malory Bolser, age 10 
Ben Schweitzer, age 10 
Graham Milligan, age 11 
Madeline Stults, age 12 
Luke Schweitzer, age 12 
Heidi Metzger, age 13 
Grace Blakely, age 13 
Natalie Milligan, age 13 
Annetta Itnyre, age 13 
Natalie Pegg, age 13 
Alexa Turner, age 15 

Solo: Annetta Itnyre, ages 8-11 

Duets “Jesus bids of shine” & “Gentle Jesus, meek & mild”: Madelyn Brunton & Annetta Itnyre, age 8 

Rest of Duets: Lydia Shively and Annetta Itnyre, ages 14 & 13 

Unison & Parts: Children’s Hymn Choir, June 2015,  

*Jessica Raposo, director; Caryle Bailey, pianist 
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