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A Tale of Two Projects: Successes and Failures in Community Engagement
2019-02-19 (Creation date: 2019-02-13)
Main contributors
Rebecca Wingo; Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities
Community engagement in the digital realm is always a careful balance between giving community members control of their own history and bringing academic expertise into the community. That balance isn't always the same from project to project. Dr. Wingo will draw on her experiences with two similar projects that had very different outcomes: an amazing community-led project to build the history of Rondo with the African American community in St. Paul Minnesota, and a community history project with the Crow tribe in Montana that has so far failed to get off the ground. She'll then walk the audience through best practices for thoughtful, considerate digital community engagement that acknowledge and privilege local community goals.
IDAH Speaker Series
Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities
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