Look at Me Now - Melissa Draper on Triumph Over Prejudice

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Indiana Disability History Project
“I was like 21 and decided to set down and write a book,” says Melissa. Ever since she was a young child in Lafayette, Indiana, Melissa wanted to write a book about how we are all different in some way or another. Her book is called, “Follow Your Dreams”. Melissa writes about being bullied in school in the 1990s, but she never gave up. She had one high school teacher tell her she would not amount to anything. When Melissa published her book, she visited her high school teacher and said, “See, I wrote a book. I amount to something.” Melissa was interviewed in 2013.
Self-Advocacy; Inclusion; Education
Time period
1976 - 2013
Indiana Disability History Project
Indiana Institute on Disability and Community
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"Melissa Draper - 'Look at me now'," YouTube video, 00:04:18, from an interview by the Indiana Disability History Project, posted by "Indiana Disability History" on September 30, 2016, https://youtu.be/rtcpnflPhR8
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